Plants design


To make an idea easy and quick to be achieved is in fact our meaning of “design”.

Every project is complete and detailed: from the list of materials to buy till the construction drawings of the customized components.

Our partnerships goes even further. Besides the design, we can offer consulting services, the works management, our assistance to the project achievement and installation, start-up and full supply, according to every customer’s specifications.

We operate in the following fields:

  • Industrial plants
  • Civil and tertiary installations
  • Transportation infrastructures (railways and ports)
  • Electric energy production plants
  • Managing plants for water pumping

and more precisely:

Electric installation design, fire detector and safety, lightning protection, cathodic protection and electric energy from renewable sources.

We have been dealing with electric and electronic installation for over ten years, while we have been building up a relevant know-how in large installations design for more than 15 years considering our individual previous jobs. We combine precision and accuracy, innovation and open mind towards new technologies.

Relevant experiences:

  • Design of power distribution plants, breaking and entering alarm systems, tv cc and fire alarm in factories, business district and shopping centers 
  • MV/LV transformer rooms
  • Design of cogeneration and photovoltaic installations
  • Design of 132kV stations
  • Design of water pumping plants
  • Design of lighting and power wiring in railways infrastructures

Automation and control/monitoring plant design.

The know-how we have built-up during years which we have been spending for the development of solutions in the field of automation and industrial software, allows us to face projects starting from the simple machinery up to the elaborate plant.

Relevant experiences:

  • Special automatic and half-automatic machines
  • Team of robots
  • Diagnostics plants and SCADA for railways applications
  • Station of artificial vision for the railways field
  • Port plants for vessel loading/unloading
  • SCADA systems to monitor rolling mills

Design of hydrothermal systems, air conditioning and heating systems, methane plants and fire-fighting systems.

The Customer may benefit from having one unique referent, by saving time and costs: based on a large and proven experience, our team is able to offer a complete service.

Relevant experiences:

  • Air conditioning systems of business districts and shopping centers, industrial settlements, movie theaters
  • Gas supply plants with decompression chamber
  • Tri-generation and cogeneration plants
  • Water/gas extinguishing systems