Brescia Golf Tour 2013

C-Lean contributes also in 2013 for the Brescia Golf Tour.

The circuit includes 5 qualifications tests before the final competition on September 27th.




SDA’s innovative project: C-lean s.r.l., as network leader, obtained funding from the Lombardy Region.

The innovative project forecasts the development, inside the business network, of a system for the machinery and automation field.



SDA start-up

C-Lean s.r.l. and the business networks: SDA is a new company, born as a partnership for the execution of important projects of turnkey industrial automation plants.

C-Lean respecting the environment


A company respecting the environment, particularly careful in avoiding any wastefulness.

A couple of examples: we use packaging made out from recycled ones; we selected a black background for our website in order to save our computers energy.

Simple behaviors for a high-toned target: to reduce the environmental impact!

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