Machine and plant safety consulting

The issue of machine safety has becaome very important for manufacturers who want to offer a product that meets the high standards of quality and functionality required by European countries.

The CE marking is mandatory in order to sell the machines within the European Community; therefore it is important to carry out risks analisys with reference to the process of the machine and / or plant already in the design phase, in fact a careful analysis can significantly reduce the risks by guiding the designers in their choices. On the other hand, intervening retrospectively can be considerably more difficult and therefore expensive.

Our consultancy is normally provided alongside the manufacturer's technicians and can include all or only some of the following phases (according to the manufacturer's needs):

- technical interview with the manufacturer and / or user of the machine / system

- market research to evaluate solutions adopted in the sector

- research and study of the applicable technical standards

- drafting of the risk analysis document with determination of the level of risk originally present and residual (after the mitigation measures decided)

- determination of the required performance level depending on the application (PL or SIL)

- analysis of schematics drawing of plant (electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, etc.) in order to verify the PL or SIL achieved

- consultancy for user manual's drafting